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Kao Nieu Mamuang -- Thai sticky rice with sweet mango, coconut ice cream, drizzled with pandan coconut milk.  No better way to end a meal especially in the summer!

At Lemon Grass Restaurant, we're passionate about our food and service.


Created by Chef Mai Pham, a nationally recognized Asian cuisine expert and cookbook author, our menu features authentic Vietnamese and Thai flavors. From tasty popular dishes such as chicken pho, salad rolls, spring rolls, salmon in Thai green curry and pad thai to our many gluten-free and vegetarian dishes and specials, our menu has been crafted to cater to all taste preferences. Additionally our wine list is especially designed to complement our unique recipes. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant! 

[The menu has something for every taste... Food is well-prepared, seasoned perfectly and attractively presented]  TripAdvisor review 


Nothing is as refreshing as goi cuon or chicken salad rolls!


Monk's Curry - vegan but meat eaters love it too.


Mango Sticky Rice with Pandan Coconut Sauce


Hot and Spicy Chicken is great, especially if you order it Extra Spicy!


Join us at our newly remodeled bar!


Chicken Dumplings with Sichuan Mushroom Sauce.


Pre-order your duck, every last Saturday of the month!


Thai Beef Salad. Savory and refreshing!


One of our most popular specials -- Korean BBQ Beef with kimchi and some banchan veggies.

 Other guest comments from Facebook | Yelp | Zagat

"...Unexpected jewel and I had to go back the very next day. Every item is unique and screams freshness and great tastes. This is one of the few we will travel hours to visit for its remarkable food."

“I've never had anything less than 5-stars."


“Wonderful and charming server, delightful setting and  delicious food. What's not to like?"

“Had Chicken Pho. Delicious, very hot broth, generous amount of chicken and noodles. Waiter was efficient, helpful, welcoming and friendly. A fabulous experience."


601 Munroe Street, Sacramento CA 

(corner of Fair Oaks Blvd. just north of Loehmann's Plaza)


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