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Welcome to Lemon Grass where we honor and celebrate the fabulous authentic flavors of Vietnam, Thailand and beyond.  Our chef/founder Mai Pham and team look forward to welcoming you and sharing with you our great Southeast Asian cuisine!


Lemon Grass has been serving Sacramento authentic Vietnamese and Thai flavors for more than twenty years.  Born in Vietnam and raised in Bangkok, chef Mai Pham at age five already knew how to pound chilies and spices with a mortar and pestle.  Today our menu is rooted in the richness of those food memories and experiences.  From the luscious, spicy curries to the bun noodles and claypot dishes that her mom cooked, our food is prepared with fresh ingredients including locally grown Asian herbs and vegetables. While we feature a diverse selection of meats and seafood we're also passionate about the many plant-forward recipes that traditionally have been at the core of Southeast Asian cooking. 

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Food brings people and cultures together in such delicious and poignant way...



Our food is all handmade, from the meticulous preparation of the filling for cha gio (crispy spring rolls) to the way we turn mangoes each day (when in season), monitoring for perfect ripeness before serving it our ever popular Mango Sticky Rice dessert.   Each stir fry dish such as pad thai starts with a fiery hot pan, quickly perfumed with garlic and aromatics before the noodles can go in.  All that is to say, each and every dish that comes to your table is carefully crafted with great love and attention. So enjoy!

"...consistently provides a delicious, flavor-filled dining experience.  Food beautifully presented and served with a delicious, complex sauce.” — Opentable reviewer

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